Main Event

The Algonauts Project, first launched in 2019, is on a mission to bring biological and machine intelligence researchers together on a common platform to exchange ideas and pioneer the intelligence frontier. Inspired by the astronauts’ exploration of space, “algonauts” explore human and artificial intelligence with state-of-the-art algorithmic tools, thus advancing both fields.

The Algonauts 2023 Challenge focuses on predicting responses in the human brain as participants perceive complex natural visual scenes. Through collaboration with the Natural Scenes Dataset (NSD) team, the Challenge runs on the largest suitable brain dataset available, opening new venues for data-hungry modeling.

During this main session the Algonauts project and Challenge will be introduced, followed by talks by this year’s winners on their methods. We plan to feature a panel discussion on challenges in cognitive computational neuroscience moderated by Lucia Melloni including the participation of Fabian Sinz and Martin Schrimpf.

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During this interactive hands-on Hackathon session you will build and train encoding (predictive) models of brain (fMRI) visual responses using the Algonauts Project 2023 Challenge data and the Python toolbox Net2Brain.

For this, we prepared a tutorial that you can run either locally on your laptop using Jupyter Notebook or on Google Colab. If you decide to run the tutorial locally, we would appreciate it if you could already download the data before the Hackathon.

A breakdown of the steps required to prepare your python environment (10 minutes) can be found in the following links: